Lulwa Al Amin – Not only a friend, but also a Brand!

Hello readers!

Today, i would love to introduce you to my lovely friend, Lulwa Al Amin..

Who is she?

Lulwa Al Amin is a lovely friend of mine since childhood, and today i am proud to say that she’s not only a friend but she’s also one of my favorite designers worldwide! Her sense of style and taste in texture design makes a beautiful clothing line that brings out the uber feminine side of every women that wears a ‘LULWA AL AMIN’ dress.

Her passion and interest for fashion and design began at a very early stage of her life. She grew up reading Vogue and other fashion magazines which inspired her as she grew up. She developed her skills early by taking summer courses at the University of the Arts and decided to pursue her passion for fashion further by going to one of the best fashion schools worldwide which is  Central St. Martins in London where she studied Textile Design.

My FAVORITE! Definition of femininity. I love.


Before launching her own label, Lulwa had already had some work experience from leading brands in the fashion Industry, such as Matthew Williamson and Browns. In addition to a number of freelance projects. Her open mind, education, experience, passion and inspiration pushed her into launching her own clothing line which now speaks of her beautiful experiences that she had.  Lulwa Al Amin was founded in 2010, launching her first collection in 2011 based in London.


Her pretty office. Where the magic happens...

Today.. Lulwa Al Amin is a luxury Bahraini brand based in London. Other than Bahrain and London, she has stockist in the Middle East, and probably expanding to Europe and other places around world soon! Her stockists are as following:

Saudi Arabia


6611 Tukassisi Street, Al Rehmania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3670 – 12341
Tel: +966 1 419 99 66

United Arab Emirates

s*uce Dubai Mall

First Floor, Fashion Section, Dubai Mall,
Tel: +9714 3399696


I had a little chat with Lulwa asking her about her aims, objectives and where she sees her brand in 10 years.

She said: “With this line i am fulfilling a life long dream, that i am very passionate about! Yet there are many aims behind this dream. Creating printed garments that bring out the breathless charm in a woman , with the practicality one needs in this time is one of my objectives. Alongside creating quality clothing that will last forever , and be passed down from generation to generation.”

In the long run, Lulwa has many plans for expansion! “In ten years i hope that my line would have expanded worldwide . I also would like to know that i will have a  headquarters for the company with design, PR, sampling, and production departments. There would also be a charity that gives from a percentage of sales. Finally by 2022 we should start seeing a new line by Lulwa Al Amin other than the main line, but its a little too early to give away all the details!” she said.

She also has an event coming up and YOU’RE ALL INVITED where you can view all her unique designs..


Pretty Little Advice from Lulwa

I always say you have to start somewhere, dream BIG, and if you have the will for it YOU CAN DO IT!

Lulwa’s advice for you is:

“My advice would be to plan ahead, and always look into the future. Before university i was already planning on graduating from Central Saint Martins. While undergoing my studies I was considering setting up my own line, so i interned at Matthew Williamson to experience how a fashion house is run. After graduating i was ready to start my company but still wanted to experiment in other fashion fields before i came with the final decision. So i got some work experience which gave me more confidence to establish my line. I consider myself a beginner ! Yet i am much better at what i do now in comparison with my last collection. I learn new things everyday, and am anxious to learn more. You must have an open mind and be ready for the positive or the negative from others. Make sure to absorb the positive . As for the negative , it will only make you stronger. Finally organization, which makes anything possible. I learnt this trait from my parents and i believe in it the most. I carry my “red” diary  , which my father gave me everywhere . Without it im lost , with it i can do the impossible. “

For more information on this beautiful brand please visit her website or email her

Lots of love.


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One thought on “Lulwa Al Amin – Not only a friend, but also a Brand!

  1. cloudoflace says:

    Thank you for sharing! She has got some very nice items!! I’m so glad I got to discover her 🙂

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